Dragons Abreast Tasmania Hobart is the southern most club in Australia and began in 2003 with a small group of determined women, some of whom are still paddling with the club. There are now over 40 dragon boat groups for breast cancer survivors in Australia in 2023. Many survivors also paddle for sporting clubs and have represented their clubs, state and country at local, national and international level.

Being part of Dragons Abreast is a great way to get fit and have fun in the company of others who have also been through treatment for breast cancer. We welcome new members. If you are a breast cancer survivor and would like to experience the fun, camaraderie and support of being part of dragon boating, please phone or email us or just come along to the Lindisfarne Rowing Club one Saturday morning at 8.30 and meet the members.

We are women of all shapes and sizes, ages, and various levels of fitness but we all share a common bond of being survivors. We welcome men also who have had breast cancer.

Don’t know what a dragon boat is? Well, it is 12m in length and wide enough for paddlers to sit side by side. A full crew is 20 paddlers, a drummer (keeps the beat and timing) and a sweep (steers the boat). When ‘fully dressed’ the boat has a head and tail – used for demonstrations and competitions.

We train in Lindisfarne Bay out of the Rowing Club, but we also venture further afield paddling on Lake Barrington, the Derwent at New Norfolk and have competed in New Zealand, Florence (Italy), Caloundra, Ngambie, Canberra, Singapore, Vancouver and Peterborough (Ontario) as individuals or teams.

For More information:

Email: hobart@dragonsabreast.com.au

Website: https://www.revolutionise.com.au/hobartdbc/home/